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Picked some of this stuff up on Ebay and some of it I pulled. All is for trade and everything is added to the ORG and pics are always up at
but I'm only looking for stuff for the PC.
Bill Walton
Michael Olowokandi
Shaq (Nothing past 1998-99)
Jerry Stackhouse (Nothing Past 1997-98)
James Anderson (Auto/Patch cards only)
2009-10 SP Game Used Four on Four Fabrics
2011-12 Preferred PS Red Autos
and I do need a few RCs from the 2012-13 Prestige

I busted two boxes of PRIZM nothing of note in either.... best pull was the Chris Paul USA Prizms
[Image: 000001_zpsd1c92e65.jpg]
[Image: 000002_zpse83e0389.jpg]

[Image: 000003_zps627f71dc.jpg]

The Ginobili Patch is #ed /10 the Beasley /25 and the Howard /49

[Image: 000004_zpsde42b994.jpg]

[Image: 000005_zps00bc9e76.jpg]

[Image: 000006_zpsfdccbb48.jpg]

[Image: 000007_zpsd790b83b.jpg]

The James Harden Threads auto was the redemption. Panini came through fairly quick on that one. The Chris Paul auto is #ed to 5. I need the red version of this card #ed to 10. I would definitely trade it straight up for the red.....

[Image: 000008_zps7b534449.jpg]

[Image: 000008_zpsb16f1fb1.jpg]
Love the Rodman and the Big O. If I have anything you are interested in let me know.
(12-29-2012 03:10 PM)Jbittman Wrote: [ -> ]Love the Rodman and the Big O. If I have anything you are interested in let me know.

I am interested in the Dirk auto and the Kyrie JSY if they are for trade
I forgot to add these two, nothing major the Walton auto is an extra and the Shaq I picked up in a lot auction. Both are in the ORG and ready to trade.

[Image: 000009_zpsddecb68e.jpg]
Interested in the Paul and/or the Robertson
The Robertson has already been traded, I am interested in the either of your Durant autos if you can find something else you like to go with the Paul
The Oscar Robertson and Rodman have been traded.
Grabbed a few new pieces for trade

[Image: 00000000_zpsff612755.jpg]
What are you looking for to trade the Rodman, Oscar, and Festus? Value wise or player.
Oh wait, what about the Walton you wanted?
The Rodman and Oscar have been traded, the festus I would put towards that Walton when we do that deal if you want?
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