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(12-30-2012 12:08 PM)clarkzac Wrote: [ -> ]How much for the Machado?
PM sent
New Year's Eve Bump!!!!
What price are looking to sell the Machado for?
(12-31-2012 05:13 PM)collector57 Wrote: [ -> ]New Year's Eve Bump!!!!
pm sent
How much for the Seager?
(12-31-2012 10:12 PM)joba the clark Wrote: [ -> ]What price are looking to sell the Machado for?
pm sent

Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone. Just FYI all offers have been answered, several offers on the same cards. With that said, I will sell/trade the cards on a first come first serve basis. Thanks again for looking and enjoy the New Year!!!!!!
FYI Machado is sold Thanks again
Sent you a message in the trade offer, please let me know. Thanks
Could be interested in the Bobby Bonds. How much? Anything in my org for trade?
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