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So there does not seem to be a lot of sets or subset that feature astronauts or in space used items on relics. I have heard of a few through the years but they don't seem to be featured a lot in sets.

I know that there are many autograph collectors and card collectors that would love to have cards like these in their collections. I feel like this is something that fits the Ginter, Leaf, Obak or Panini brands

Do any of you people on this board have any of these cards in their PC? I would love to see them posted if you do.

Thank you
2012 Panini Americana contains all kinds of different autos / Memorabilia cards, including autos and material/autos of Astronauts. Here are a few I've pulled from the product:

[Image: 100_1490.jpg]
[Image: 100_1489.jpg]

they don't claim to be "space Worn" items, just clothing owned by the different astronauts.

I know a previous version of the product also contained astronaut signed cards. I also have (but no picture) a dual auto I pulled from 2012 Leaf Cut Signature Edition. It is of Bob Crippen on one side, and Fred Haise on the other, numbered #/4.
I also have the first one jaykayzee posted.
Thank you for sharing. I have always been intreged by space and think that the 2 industries a lot of potential for crossover since many people collect "space stuff" as well as sports cards.
i pulled a Barbara Morgan relic from my blaster # to 135. not sure why, but this is the only one w/o a BV on beckett and i havent seen any on the bay either.
Is this a blaster of Americana Heroes and Legends, phreakyq?
I have this one. 2012 Panini Americana - Heroes & Legends Materials Proof #47 - Al Worden /99

[Image: 2012PaniniAmericana-HeroesampLegendsMate...5f7b7a.jpg]
There was an insert set a few years ago in 07 topps Cosigners that was called moonshots, paired a astronaut auto with a homerun hitter's auto.
Oh yeah, forgot about the one in 2007 Co-Signers, westhoustonvw.
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