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I finally have an opportunity to post this. This is from a case of Strata I pre-ordered from Blowout Cards when the product was first marketed. A great price by the way. It arrived late on Christmas Eve and was a nice surprise. For the most part, I like the product.

I'll skip the die-cuts and posting any dupes. Comments are welcome and thanks for looking.

Numbered Base Cards:
[Image: 12JustinBlackmonStrata093150.jpg] [Image: 12MelvinIngram031050.jpg] [Image: 12MichaelBrockersStrata059099.jpg]
[Image: 12NickToonStrata046099.jpg] [Image: 12QuintonCoplesStrata014050.jpg] [Image: 12RobertGriffinIIIStrata031150.jpg]


[Image: 12RyanBroylesStrata047150.jpg] [Image: 12BernardPierceStrataPatch204296.jpg]
[Image: 12ChrisGivensStrataPatch063099.jpg] [Image: 12JariusWrightStrataPatch093099.jpg]
[Image: 12JustinBlackmonStrataPatch246296.jpg] [Image: 12DwayneAllenStrataPatch022065.jpg]
More Patches:

[Image: 12DeVierPoseyStrataPatch015065.jpg] [Image: 12JustinBlackmonStrataPatch010041.jpg]
[Image: 12TJGrahamStrataPatch013065.jpg] [Image: 12TYHiltonStrataPatch050080.jpg]

Base Autos:

[Image: 12GregChildsStrataAuto.jpg] [Image: 12JacoryHarrisStrataAuto.jpg] [Image: 12LukeKuechlyStrataAuto.jpg]
[Image: 12MarvinMcNuttStrataAuto.jpg] [Image: 12MattKalilStrataAuto.jpg] [Image: 12MichaelAgnewStrataAuto.jpg]
Numbered Autos:

[Image: 12BrianQuickStrataAuto042050.jpg] [Image: 12DwayneAllenStrataAuto035075.jpg] [Image: 12NickFolesAuto022099.jpg]
[Image: 12RonnieHillmanStrataAuto001001.jpg] [Image: 12TJGrahamStrataAuto081150.jpg]

The Ronnie Hillman is Numbered 1/1.
Sorry. The site seems to be downloading very slowly tonight.

On to the Clear Cut Autos.....

[Image: 12DevierPoseyStrataCC.jpg] [Image: 12RobertTurbinStrataAuto.jpg]
[Image: 12RyanBroylesStrataAuto.jpg] [Image: 12TJGrahamStrataAuto.jpg]

[Image: 12DeVierPoseyStrataCC050099.jpg] [Image: 12DougMartinStrataCC021099.jpg]
[Image: 12NickFolesStrataCC028099.jpg] [Image: 12NickToonStrataAuto030150.jpg]

[Image: 12MichaelFloydStrataCC014075.jpg]
Not one, but 2 case hits in the same pack.....

[Image: 12ReubenRandleStrataSB005040.jpg]

My 1st pulled auto of........

[Image: 12AndrewLuckStrataSB036040.jpg]

And this beauty.......

[Image: 12RobertGriffinIIIStrataCC001055.jpg]
Just crazy Mel, two case hits and the BobIII is awesome. Glad the break was a killer one for you.
Very nice case! Looks well worth the price to me.
Oh how fun. Congrats on the Luck and RGIII. Thanks for sharing.
Destroyed it. Great break. Always good to have fun breaking a case and have solid value afterwards. Congrats.
Wow Mel!!! Great case IMO. Congrats on all those colors and 2 great autos.

If you need my addy for that Griffin just let me know and I will get you the new addy.... Big Grin
Does the RGIII look just as amazing in person? Congrats on the hits!
Wow, awesome case break, looks like plenty of value there, congrats. Would like to try and trade for the Randle if anything is for trade.
Now THATS a case break! Congrats!
WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! Great case break!!! Very interested in any of the blackmons if available.
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