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what are some cards that every collection must have??
1991 Desert Shield Chipper Jones!!!
For me it has always been the 1971 Topps Thurman Munson. I finally bought one this week after 25 years of collecting.

As far as cards that are needed for a proper collection each person has their own goals and preferences in collecting. I have made a basic list below of the "Hot" players cards from every year from 1985-today . Let me know if I missed anything and feel free to add.

starting from 1985-today

1985 Doc Gooden RC, Roger Clemens RC, Mark McGwire USA, Kirby Puckett RC, Orel Hershiser RC

1986 Jose Canseco RC, Bo Jackson RC, Barry Bonds RC, Cecil Fielder RC

1987 Mark McGwire RC, Barry Bonds, Barry Larkin RC, Rafael Palmeiro RC, Greg Maddox RC

1988 Roberto Alomar RC, Mark Grace RC, Robin Ventura RC, Tom Glavine RC

1989 Randy Johnson RC Gary Sheffield RC, Ken Griffey Jr. RC

1990 Frank Thomas RC , Sammy Sosa RC, Chipper Jones RC

1991 Chipper Jones RC and Jeff Bagwell RC

1992 Mariano Rivera, Mike Piazza RC, Manny Ramirez RC,

1993 Derek Jeter RC

1994 Alex Rodriguez RC

1995 No key Rookies from this year

1996 No key rookies

1997 Roy Halladay RC, Lance Berkman RC

1998 Jimmy Rollins RC, Magglio Ordonez RC

1999 Josh Hamilton RC, C.C. Sabathia RC, Matt Holliday RC

2000 Miguel Cabrera RC, Adrian Gonzalez RC, Roy Oswalt RC, Barry Zito RC, Carlos Zambrano RC

2001 Ichiro Suzuki RC, Albert Pujols RC, Jose Reyes RC, Justin Morneau RC

2002 David Wright RC, Joe Maur RC, Jose Bautista RC, Curtis Granderson RC, Joey Votto RC

2003 Robinson Cano RC, Hanley Ramirez RC, Brian McCann RC, Kevin Youkilis RC, Ryan Howard RC

2004 Felix Hernandez RC, Yadier Molina RC

2005 Ryan Braun RC, Matt Kemp RC, Andrew McCutchen RC, Jered Weaver RC, Justin Verlander RC, Ian Kinsler RC, Jacob Ellsbury RC

2006 Alex Gordon RC, Evan Longoria RC, Clayton Kershaw RC, Pablo Sandoval RC, Yovani Gallardo RC, Justin Upton RC ,Matt Garza RC, Jon Lester RC, Price Fielder RC.

2007 Tim Lincecum RC , Joba Chamberlin RC, Poley Walnuts RC, Derek Jeter Topps #40 with Mickey Mantle and George W. Bush, Alex Gordon RC, Daisuke Matsukaza RC, Travis d'Arnaud RC, Devin Mesoraco RC, Michael Moustakas RC, Jason Heyward RC, David Price RC, Hunter Pence RC

2008 Evan Longoria RC, Michael (Giancarlo) Stanton RC, Buster Posey RC, Jesus Montero RC, Joey Votto RC

2009 Mike Trout RC, Zack Wheeler, Billy Hamilton, Yu Darvish first US cards, David Price RC

2010 Stephen Strasburg RC, Bryce Harper RC, Jason Heyward RC, Austin Jackson RC, Wil Myers RC, Aroldis Chapman RC, Starlin Castro RC

2011 Bryce Harper mania, Manny Machado RC, Brandon Belt RC, Freddie Freeman RC, Micheal Pineda RC, Mike Trout RC , Paul Goldschmidt RC, Eric Hosmer RC

2012 Yu Darvish RC, Bryce Harper RC, Joey Gallo RC, Nick Castellanos RC, Billy Hamilton RC, Yoenis Cespedes RC, Jorge Solar RC, Will Middlebrook RC
Billy Ripken F--- Face
(12-29-2012 07:15 AM)swirly1007 Wrote: [ -> ]I have made a basic list below of the "Hot" players cards from every year from 1985-today .

Great list! Thanks for compiling.
Number 1 has to be a Griffey jr UD rookie card.
Whatever one feels to be iconic, one should try to put in the collection.
Key Rc's of your pc player/players and an on card auto of them.
(12-29-2012 09:24 AM)bigken117 Wrote: [ -> ]Billy Ripken F--- Face

This!!! I have 3 variations of the card and its still one of my favorite cards in my collection.

Every collection should have a Griffey Jr. rookie in it.
It has to be griffey ud rc.... its #1 in the set for a reason Wink plus it is the card that defines the 80-90's kid era.that one and the topps chipper rc also defines the 90's childhood..
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