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So i just got my wilson patch auto in the mail today as a replacement from panini and i realized something was wrong.

The card in question is supposed to have a "game worn" patch yet the jersey is a 2011 seattle swatch. The problem is that Russell Wilson has never played a game with the old jersey. He has only played in the new 2012 nike uniform. That being said there is no way that this swatch can actually be a game worn wilson jersey but rather a generic game worn seattle jersey.

If thats the case what else is fake about it? Is it even a real jersey? A jersey that is made up of 50 patch pieces to up the multi color availability? What kind of "game" was it used in? A game of domino's? Tic tac toe? They give no specifics. Was it even worn by an nfl player? A member of the seahawks? Steve who works in the basement of panini? No details/

This is pretty ridiculous. I started looking around and nearly all the wilson patches that i have found from panini are the old style uniform. Is this something i have just overlooked that others have known about or is this something new?
Its all event worn stuff in newer products for rookies and not game worn stuff. Press Pass and Upper Deck may be the only exceptions. Im not 100% sure though.
Yup - The back of the card, and all cards of rookies for that matter, all say "event worn" mostly were put on at the rookie premier, an event, then stuck into cards.
Um....scan or something? besides, any jsy card in the 1st 2 years of NFL career in a no brainer Non Game used,"event worn" stuff.... ..they gotta get rid of the junk
and why would you think it would be Game used when the card was made SO close to his draft day..
that should be the question here..
Right - does the card say "game worn" or just "player/event worn"? Topps and UD do the same thing....for years.

What is the card? I haven't heard of ANY company suggesting game worn rookie jerseys yet. (Please, if I'm wrong about that let me know - I know Exquisite tried to do that).
It says "game used" not event worn...
[Image: IMG_4487_zps344883e2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4488_zps21a4c3a0.jpg]
They are very good with their wording....notice it doesn't say "Game worn by Russell Wilson." It just says "game worn." Who knows who actually wore it.
that was kind of my point.. i thought it was pretty ballsy of them. Especially when the other card i received has almost the exact same patch yet it is "event worn".

[Image: IMG_4489_zps4f5c5c76.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4490_zps4df0d1c4.jpg]
This is why buying cards like this just isn't worth it... Who knows what you are getting... It's not even his jersey... Panini is a JOKE...
It really is pretty pathetic but i guess if we keep buying it they will keep making it... really makes me wonder what these cards will be worth in 10 years. Are we going to have another era of crushed values like the 90s?
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