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Love this stuff so I finally got a full box..

[Image: Prizms.jpg]

[Image: PrizmAuto.jpg]

and Hall of Famer Gold:
[Image: Kareem.jpg]
Nice break! That is a nice Kareem! Those are very hard to get. Congrats!
wooooow as a Laker fan I am very jealous, if you want to trade that gold Kareem look at my org, would love to have it. Grats on the good box.
Nice break! I've opened two of these boxes and my best pull was a Chris Paul USA Prizm lol. Tyler Zeller is lighting it up tonight against Atlanta
Nice break scans do not do these cards justice...those refractors are nice in person.
The gold is beautiful, congrats on the break.
Sick gold kareem
Sweet Gold Cap Card!!!!
This was a great box! Congrats on the Gold!!
Great pulls. Love the design on those cards.
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