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hello all!! hope everyone had a great holiday!! wanted to share with u the break on the pack of sterling i bought and 2011 usa hobby box i bought.
so the Brinson auto is numbered out of 199. and the other are regular auto's.
the Winker was the best!! first 1/1 ever pulled.
Almora and Ficociello are 91 and 92 out of 214.
the Demers, Naquin and Winder are 6, 42, amd 191 out of 240.
the other usa auots are regular.
i bought these on christmas eve day and man, this was nice. enjoy.
pretty sure all are for trade. enjoy!!
[Image: Scan0012_zpsd488d029.jpg]
[Image: Scan0011_zps7e30cfb0.jpg]
Great pulls! Congrats on your first pulled 1/1!
Good job pulling some nice cards. Congrats too on the 1/1.
Nice Break! Always sweet when you pull a 1/1! That Brinson looks nice!
thanks all!! prob one of the best breaks in a long time!!
Congrats on that 1/1.
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