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Full Version: OT: First Box Break!
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So today i finally decided to buy in to my first box break. I figured even if i didnt get anything it would be cool to experience it at least 1 time. Its a box of 2012 Certified and i bought the Steelers and the Titans (tried for the chiefs, broncos, saints, patriots, packers and got shut out on all of those lol). Maybe not the best teams but if i could pull any steelers hit or get myself a Chris Johnson or Jake Locker i think i will be set! only cost me $7 total so either way its not hurting me at all lol. Wish me luck!!!
I have gotten some great cards from doing them but dont be upset if you dont get anything it happens from time to time and make sure you request your base cards read the fine print because some sellers wont even send you the base.I know they are not worth a whole lot but if someone is doing a set and needs them you can trade for something you want
That was the first thing i did lol. I wanna get any and all cards from the teams that i bid on, wether i want/need them or not. I plan on using them as trade bait as you said lol. I wont be bummed either. For me, its just for fun. Wether i get something or not it will still be exciting lol. Ive never bought a hobby box or anything so this is kind of a first time for that as well in a way
good luck hope it works out well for ya
Cheaper than the casino! Positive look on things Smile
Thats an excellent way to look at things! lol. i was actually thinking about going to the casino tonight too...haha
Unfortunatly neither of my teams got a hit, but it was still fun! The guy is sending me a hit anyways for buying in to the break, im not sure what he sent me because he said he is keeping it a surprise which works for me! Highlight of the break was a 2012 Certified Sam Bradford Mirror Gold auto /25. Makes me wish i woulda bought in with the
Discussion of Group Breaks is not allowed here.
(12-27-2012 11:51 PM)shezdoni Wrote: [ -> ]Discussion of Group Breaks is not allowed here.

He's not selling anything, just saying how he did.

Good luck on your future breaks!
(12-27-2012 11:58 PM)longhornnation Wrote: [ -> ]He's not selling anything, just saying how he did.

Good luck on your future breaks!

Doesn't matter, these kind of threads then end up becoming something totally different when other people start asking who they bought the break from.

Group Breaks are nothing more than a scam, hence why Beckett's does not allow them to be posted on the boards...
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