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First up 1991-92 hoops series 1
Paid 11.35
12 rack packs 47 cards per pack:

9-Jordan's including 4 of the most expensive Bv slam dunk #4 (beckett still has these at $20,hehe) that's 4x20= I wish. But I woulda been happy with 1 Jordan and I get 9. I'd say that's a good box.
That box was totally worth the value. I could probably get my 12 bucks back on the Jordan's and put all the rest on my website, or just put them all on, I need more Jordan's anyway.

Next up 1992-93 fleer series 2
Nice job on the Jordan's! I look forward to seeing your other pulls. I love the old school wax.
1992-93 Fleer series 2
36 packs 15 cards per pack
Paid 22.95 :

Didn't score as many Jordan's but did score on the Shaq's. 6 in all including 3 of his base Rc. I also got 2 base Jordan's , 3 sprewell's and 3 Alonzo's. I got 8 sharpshooters 2 Chris Mullen and the rest commons.
Overall I would have to say this way a avg- good box.
9 Jordans? Nice.
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1993-94 Upper Deck series 1
Paid 24.95
36 packs 12 cards per pack


19 Jordan's!(20 if you count the box bottom card) Whoot whoot! I know it's upper deck but 19 still seems like a lot! On the down side the only other card of note was a Michael Jordan flight team card of Alonzo Mourning. Not bad I'd say.
Nice mjs
Sounds pretty nice. Congrats on all the Jordans and I'll bet it was fun busting all that wax.
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1995-96 Hoops series 1
Paid 32.95
36 packs 12 cards per pack

Ugh.....I hate myself for that one. That product SUCKS. Talk about a boring box. There is barely even any card worth pulling in the whole set...ick..
Nice pulls, thanks for sharing.
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1994-95 upper deck sp
Paid 42.95
32 packs 8 cards per pack

Not bad, better then the hoops. I scored a holo view die cut. Don yell Marshall Sad but these were only 1:72 packs so lucky to get one.... I also got a mj1 Jordan but it was only the red version Sad I would say the Jason Kidd and grant hill rookies were the best scores... Nice looking cards...

Hope you all enjoyed the break.
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