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Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!!!
It's been quite some time since I've been on here but wanted to post a break that I had on Christmas Day. I always get a couple boxes of hockey wax to break for Christmas, usually it's SPA or SPGU. This year was the first time I've ever had a higher end product to bust. I opened my gift to see a box of 2012-13 Artifacts and a box of 2012-13 The History of Hockey(4 cards per box). This box was almost $300. I was so pumped figuring this was the time I was going to get a major card, man wasn't I disappointed. My first card was a Rick Martin auto buy back card. My second was a Rick Nash Signature series rookie card minus the signature...Fail. Third card was a Paul Maclean auto card, probably can get this card from any flea market for less then 5 bucks. Last card was a great moments in hockey history, ten point game by Darryl Sittler. 08/40 Silver. 2 colour patch. I cannot find the price on any of these cards in my Beckett, other than the Rick Nash- worth a whopping 6 bucks. I was very thankful for my gift but wished I had a better turnout from this product...will definitely not buy this product nor recommend it. Hoping for a better turnout from my Artifacts. Will break and scan pics in next few days. Stay tuned!!
I've heard that product is VERY hit and miss. Mostly miss. Sorry for the bad break.
Ouch that's painful...if it makes you feel betterI'm starting a Nash pc and would trade you or it
OUCH!!!! How did you do with the Artifacts break?
(12-27-2012 11:10 AM)bguzowski16 Wrote: [ -> ]OUCH!!!! How did you do with the Artifacts break?

I had a nice Tundra Tandem Dual(Washington Capitals) a couple of SP's, rookies and a redemption for the blues. I am waiting on another box that I didnt get in time for Christmas. When I get that Im gonna scan and upload all the cards from my Christmas breaks.

ouch! so sorry
Rough go on the break. I am thinking that I will stay away from opening anything for 2012-13 so far... ALL have been brutal other than Artifacts! Can't wait to see the scans of the other stuff!

ouch that hurts!!

this product has been very hit or miss.... which is too bad as this product could have been so great when i read about it
Biggest ripoff product ever made. 3 nickel flea market cards and 99.9 per cent of the time some high school drawn art card with a lousy piece of jersey on it for 300 bucks.

Give your heads a shake.
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