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And this one is 1/5

[Image: IMG_zps0d2c61b2.jpg]

now the $20 grab bag...

[Image: IMG_0032_zpsefbf6afd-1_zpsc646781d.jpg][Image: IMG_0031-1_zpsce7c7696-1_zpsdebe3a20.jpg][Image: IMG_0032_zpsefbf6afd-1_zpsf3ccffc1.jpg][Image: IMG_0029-1_zps58ea38d1-1_zpsedc01c40.jpg][Image: IMG_0030-1_zps80b55bde-1_zps176a0415.jpg][Image: IMG_0024_zps56ba979a.jpg]

Couldn't fit a P. Manning rookie USA graded.
Great stuff, love the "Too Tall" always great to see a fellow big guy get some hobby praise
Yeah the Too Tall was my fav. from the bag.
nice grab bag and a Ripken rookie good stuff and the Marino isnt bad
Wow great adds!!! Can't beat a grab bag with a Ripken rookie Smile
not too bad at all....congrats...Smile
Nice! Please check me for the Ripken RC.
Sweet grab bag
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