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Hey Everyone...haven't been on in a while. Sorry for missing a few trades. Been out of town for a few months. But I have found card shops in 3 states..lmao. I became a grandpa Smile I will be back after the first of the year. Most is for trade. Thanks, Shawn

[Image: IMG_0013-1_zps577c5d41.jpg][Image: IMG_0014-1_zps04079cd2.jpg][Image: IMG_0010_zps0ddcb3a1.jpg][Image: IMG_0015-2_zpsfd2ed20e.jpg][Image: IMG_0012-1_zpsbe89a774.jpg][Image: IMG_0011-2_zpsfe5f5040.jpg][Image: IMG_0001_zps0737aebf.jpg][Image: IMG_0017-1_zps4bc97443.jpg]
Very nice break!
Interested in that Jeffery & some of the Cutlers you have if you want to try something.
Would be interested in the Wilson auto if it is for trade
Welcome back grandpa. Nice Luck card.
Nice new stars
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