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Full Version: Massive Case Break?
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Ok guys, i should get my yearly bonus around the first of february. I am thinking about buying 5-10 cases of 2012 football. I would like to buy Chrome but it's going to be hard to locate that many cases at a decent price. I could go with Contenders or maybe even National Treasures which are due to come out around the correct time. Give me some ideas on what you would do(and please don't say to buy

8 cases of Contenders would yield 480 Autos!
I'm leaning towards 5 cases of Chrome and 5 cases of Contenders.
2012 topps magic? That should have a nice load of autos
I don't know much about those. I will have to research them and see the quantity/quality of the product. Do you know when they are scheduled for release?
Contenders is pretty hard to beat imo. I may just go with all contenders lol.
Contenders is good because you get 5 autos per box. They always have the short printed players that sell good and i love the solid gold ticket cards. The downside to them is no patch or memorbilia cards(which might actually be a good thing). I wonder how tough the Luck,Griffin,and Wilson autos will be to hit? There are 100 autos in the set according to the sell sheet info and you would pull 60 autos per case.
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