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Happy holidays everyone! All of the cards in these are for trade. Looking for Barry Sanders, Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and all Alabama alums. Trade BV for BV most of the time. PM me, send an offer, or reply here!

[Image: 52098808-5A5F-45F8-BB24-A5D9CD6A3EB7-218...0AB9CF.jpg]

[Image: 0CCADF2E-1C78-464A-B308-A6F9F7AEAB99-200...598F70.jpg]

Addai /250
Lloyd /299

[Image: 464C9F48-7431-4722-873B-5D409A414E93-200...733312.jpg]

Gerhart /250
Moore /249

[Image: 14863F60-B2EA-407E-9C74-6E891D7B8D22-200...7B3551.jpg]

Washington /250
Deangelo /250
Derrick Williams /50
Brown R&S /299
(Andre Brown Threads gone)

[Image: F59B9F22-04CA-4822-BE8A-5B195B8EC78D-200...218076.jpg]

Bulger 9/9 No Bv on this one, will consider ALL offers because, come on, it's Marc Bulger.

[Image: IMG_8478.jpg]

Turner, Pettigrew, Brown all /500

[Image: 42591C57-3783-4434-97FF-528564096FE7-200...08B9F2.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8476.jpg]

These going dirt cheap. Trading at 1/5 BV

[Image: 482B4C94-D9EE-41F8-A98A-AAA6ED492E2B-200...FD3E7D.jpg]

Literally giving these away. Will throw in any of these with any trade.

thanks for looking!
Wednesday morning BUMP! In case you all were in a food coma yesterday haha
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