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opened a box of contenders and a box of rookie anthology this morning, couple nice hits.. and i opened 2 more boxes of contenders and another rookie anthology a week or so ago.. heres some scans of the notable cards..
[Image: nhlinkrundblad_zpsf6a81697.jpg]
[Image: caldercontendersautofrattin_zpsee1dc10b.jpg]
[Image: crownroyalebrettbulmer_zpsc2a96dd6.jpg]
[Image: rookierivalrysaadsavard_zps74f8bd5c.jpg]
[Image: rookierivalryfaulkgudbranson_zps89731624.jpg]
[Image: rookierivalrygeoffrionsmith_zps9e0d38e3.jpg]
[Image: privatesigningsjohnson_zps700e4e47.jpg]
[Image: draftyear2003getzlafperry_zpsa6949d6f.jpg]
[Image: luxurysuitestickjerseydelzotto_zps83fb2232.jpg]
[Image: rookietreasureserixon_zps5b42a335.jpg]
[Image: limitedkassian_zps75f7a74a.jpg]
[Image: contendersautopatchyork_zps48210688.jpg]
[Image: contendersautopatchvitale_zps261d7ca6.jpg]

And the winner! Smile

[Image: LandeskogContendersPatchAuto11-12_zps563b95c4.jpg]

I did get a couple other nhl ink cards that are in my org but i had to cut this off at some point lol.. All are FT but the landeskog i will likely hold onto unless seriously persuaded! Thanks for looking! merry xmas everyone Smile
Sick patches
Would you do a Larsson auto/patch for that Vitale? That card looks great.
Amazing cards! You hit the huge jackpot with your breaks! Congrats!

I've busted 2 boxes of contenders looking for a contenders patch, no such luck for me. Did pull a starting six auto though. Congrats on your breaks.
you made out like a champ on those breaks

that rookie patches are pretty sweet
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