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Some nice hits
[Image: photo1.jpg]

The three stars
[Image: photo.jpg]

1.Path to the cup #"d 9/10 kopitar,pietrangelo
2.Braden Holtby masked marvels #"d 8/25
3.Phil Kessel cetfied stars #"D 33/50

Everything is for trade

Nice stuff!!! The Masked marvels cards are sweet looking. Some sweet patches in your break too. Congrats! did better with either boxes than the "hot box" i got...the hot boxes are a joke again this year.
Nice hits. I like the look of that Path To The Cup. It would be cool to put the entire "Path" together.
Very nice break, Mark! Congrats on the sweet hits!

good break, i was happy with the 2 boxes i broke. did you get Hopkins base though?
the .Path to the cup #"d 9/10 kopitar,pietrangelo patches is pretty sweet
No hopkins base
and thank you guys
Interested in the Path/Cup card. Can you check my Org and send an offer if you see something of interest? Thanks.
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