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Happy Holiday to all,

I do not often open hockey boxes, but the LCS was low on football and I could hear RNH calling me from the hockey shelf. I did very well for my self, I am happy with both boxes. All is for trade, just send me an open offer.

Thx, Art

2011-12 SPA

RNH right off the bat, I was hoping for a little more than that.
[Image: SPXSPAHockey001_zps8d6d68ae.jpg]
Rallo #513/999 & St. Denis #743/999
[Image: SPXSPAHockey002_zpsf1efb4fb.jpg]
Henrique#812/999 Greening #733/999 Vincour Redmt/999
[Image: SPXSPAHockey003_zpsabbbbb3d.jpg]

I will save the ICE RC for the end!!!!!

2011-12 SPA
Dallas #ed 15/50
[Image: SPXSPAHockey005_zps945e82a2.jpg]
Maroon #137/499 Petrell #584/799 Vincour #488/499
[Image: SPXSPAHockey006_zps7c52e0eb.jpg]
RNH Finite #34/99
[Image: SPXSPAHockey007_zps583a86e4.jpg]

So I got a nice RNH, was hoping for an even bigger pull from him....

I hate when people build up the suspense....

Louis Leblanc Ice #ed 11/99.....real nice BV on this one.
[Image: SPXSPAHockey004_zpscd80ef94.jpg]
Not bad at all nice ice rookie
(12-26-2012 11:36 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Not bad at all nice ice rookie

Thx. The ice rc was a nice surprise and an even better bv than i thought
Sick hits, Art! A huge congrats on the great break! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

nice breaks!
Thx Randi, same to you as well. Thx for our trade, will let you know when they arrive.

Very nice breaks!!! 2 cards out of /99 in the SPx is really nice. Congrats!!!
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