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I'm looking for cards of Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones that I don't have. I also collect several baseball players: Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Jason Heyward, Nolan Ryan, Craig Kimbrel, Kris Medlen, and also one basketball player: Josh Smith.

I'd prefer trading, but will consider buying as well. Please send open offers, if you're interested.

Have a few Calvins in here if you'd be into buying. Sorry, not trading at the moment due to financial situation.

Lions -

Thanks Smile
my son has these this
[Image: B0ogDJWkKGrHqFg8Ew5G0mCBMbH3rH9w_12.jpg]
check my trade list. have some johnsons and baseball. baseball fs at 80% off
@monsterx - I'd be interested in the '07 Topps Chrome refractor and the CJ/Welker patch. How much you asking for them?

@barnsz13 - I'm interested in the card. Is there anything in my Org that you're interested in? If not, what kind of price are you asking?

@ mrfcc - Open offer sent.
Still interested in CJ?

I have these if you're interested. Looking to sale, didn't see anything I could use in trade.

2011 Topps Chrome Orange Refractors #8 Calvin Johnson
2007 Playoff Contenders Rookie Roll Call Gold Holofoil #1 Calvin Johnson
2011 Prestige Stars of the NFL Materials #8 Calvin Johnson/250
check me have madduxs and a few johnsons and julios thanks
PM sent
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