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Full Version: '12 football autos FT
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Greetings all! I posted this on the football trade thread as well. I bought a bunch of random packs from different sports and brands. I happen to land several decent autos and they were ALL from the football packs (figures) and i'd like to trade them away for baseball I want or anything that strikes my fancy. My wants are marked but i'm also impartial for pre 85' cards as well as the '12 archives auto of the Mets. Still afew high numbered '12 heritage away from completing the set. If you're interested, let me know and i'll take a look. I also have the rest of the cards marked for trade as well. Here are the scans and details:

Cory Harkey is numbered 223/499
Brandon Thompson is numbered 28/45
Juron Criner is numbered 0603/1058 and has a slight smudge near the J (not the auto, the name on the right)

All scratches and such are on the protectors.

[Image: footballautos_zpsba11cf55.jpg]

Not included in the scan was a redemption for Brian Quick from '12 topps chrome and I believe it is numbered to 99 and that is currently pending to be sent (redeemed 2 weeks ago). Thanks!

- Rob
One bump to see if anyone is interested.
Check me for the criner
Last bump for these..Anyone interested?
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