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Full Version: 1 box of Prizm
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I bought a box of Prizm after reading everyone's breaks here and really wish I hadn't bought it. Horrible box! Got the usual load of rookies with no Kyrie, or unibrow.

Hits (If you want to call them that):
Dowtown Bound: Kevin Love
Finalists: Dirk Nowitzki
Prizm: Bill Walton

Autos: Terrence Ross and Jeff Taylor

Everything is for trade/Sale. If you are looking to complete sets let me know and I will look through the commons to help you out!

Not work another purchase in my eyes but I seem to one of the unlucky few with no luck on this box.
Always willing to trade for Dwyane Wade/Alonzo Mourning Cards
Would be interested in your downtown and finalist
Ouch sorry atleast mr walton was there
Hold on to that taylor. He will rise some in value shortly.
Tbarn might have interest in that Walton.
Yeah I am definitely interested in the Walton. Check the org or buckett if you want to trade.
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