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I live in western Kansas, so my trips to actual cards shops are very limited. Made it to Wichita and went to Rock's Dugout. I've been there a few times and Rock and his wife are super nice. If any of you guys ever get a chance, you should go there. Anyway, here are the cards I got.

The JD Drew card was a freebie I got from rolling a die for buying cards there.

2011 Topps Series 2 JD Drew

[Image: Drewpatch001_zps6bb05a92.jpg]

2007 Topps Sterling #5/10 Bob Gibson

[Image: GibsonSterling001_zpse300699a.jpg]

2012 Topps Tribute 83/99 Derek Jeter swatch

[Image: Jetertribute001_zps3b580deb.jpg]
Diggin that Gibson nice pick ups. Nice freebie to Smile
I say it was worth the Drive
Very nice!
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