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Full Version: Bloodlines Pricing
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What does everyone think of the Beckett pricing of Bloodlines? I have to say I'm a bit surprised at the value of the cards. For a high-end product, I guess I was expecting the values to be higher.
hopefully you are not referring to DC Bloodlines. Not that high end. lol
I'm referring to 2012 Topps Bloodlines. At $175 a box, I think it's the highest end UFC product to date. I'm comparing it to other MMA products, not other sports.
im not suprised every ufc set has been going down as they make too many sets now. its unfortunate.
I agree but card values are low.....when you sees lot of 50 bloodlines relics sell for $51 and a lot of jumbo relics /88 (30 cards) sell for $36 free shipping how could the bv on these cards be more than $5 a piece. Even the autos are getting bad..... But there are few collectors out there and the volume of repeats is a joke. Seriously Topps just because you have a crap load of Jim miller auto stickers and shirts doesn't mean we need his auto and relics in EVERY set. How about a rampage relic? Or gustafsson auto? The checklists just don't need to be doesn't put autos or relics of the Astros 3rd string catcher so why soo many no name undercard fighters in a set that is 175 a box?
(12-21-2012 08:36 PM)mrhurtado17 Wrote: [ -> ]im not suprised every ufc set has been going down as they make too many sets now. its unfortunate.

Amen to that, I remember when my ufc cards had value lol
(12-26-2012 07:50 AM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]Amen to that, I remember when my ufc cards had value lol

Or when you used to be able to buy a pack or 2 of cards instead of having to spend $80-$170+ to get some cards.

I have wanted to purchase some of these but I watch a lot of box breaks of them and just don't know most of the names that even come out of the product. Maybe it's because I am not a die hard UFC fan, but I do watch enough and figured they definately need to come out with some bigger names.
I think some of these prices are off. I've seen some of the AU's sell for the BV or more and I'm not talking about Rousey or Diaz. I agree that many are right, but many seem off. In the past most cards I saw sold for 25% - 40% of BV depending on the fighter. I just found it odd when I checked the BV of some of these compared to past sets.

I agree they are putting out too much product and too many low level fighters. There just aren't enough top fighters to put out the amount of product they are producing.

I keep looking for the big lots that sell for cheap, but I can't find any. I'm keeping my eye out though.
The base set on this is a bear has anyone done the math... I am calcualting there is only 570 of each base card in existence. So in theory this is gonna be a very rare base set especially with a Rousey rookie in it. But the MoT independence edition had only about 35 of each base card and those are dirt cheap for being rare. Will this be a case of the real value in this set won't be realized for several years?.
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