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Full Version: Now What!!!!
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OK I added a couple of cards to my collections and when I put the quantity in it changed to RED instead of GREEN, then when I refreshed the page to make sure it changed, the whole collection disappeared!! This is getting ridiculous, we are paying for a service that is extremely slow and is broken half the time, come on Beckett, get it together!!
Having the same kind of problem here. Spent nearly three hours this morning entering an entire set of 2006 FB cards into a folder I'd created for the set. Came back just a short while later to change the quantity on a card, and the entire set collection had vanished! Folder I made for it was still there. Even showed the right # of cards in the folder - except that no cards were there. Emailed "Customer Service" far, no reply.

Thanks for causing me to waste three hours, Beckett. I will keep that in mind when it comes time to renew my 3 sports.
if the cards were already in your org, they would not be added again. check your "all items" folder
Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately, checking my "all items" folder exposed "more of the same" problem. It shows that nearly 22,000 items are in that folder, but just like with the folder I created this morning, if the cards are there, not one of them will come up or in any way shows itself.

Again, thanks for your suggestion, but I've got a feeling this is some kind of major problem.
try sending a pm to wstjr

also: clear out your cookies and history. when working with databases like this, a web browser can get screwd up if the cache is loaded up
I cleared the cache and cookies, but still getting the same response from it. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll drop a note to wstjr
Well, looks like I'm not about to get a reply to that note. . . .interesting.
(12-24-2012 01:27 AM)damassie Wrote: [ -> ]Well, looks like I'm not about to get a reply to that note. . . .interesting.

it is the holiday season. may not be in the office
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