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Hi everyone,

Been a while since i've been on the beckett site.
I have undertaken a project since I was last on here - and am looking for help completing it. I am trying to put together the 03-04 BAP Ultimate Auto sets for:

(1) regular autos - only need 19 aebischer, 75 Macinnis & 92 Horton

(2) Gold Autos - let me know which ones you have. I have most but still need too many to list.

(3) Stick Autos - only need 45 Stevens, 131 Yzerman, 134 Thornton, 140 Forsberg and 143 Jagr

(4) Jersey Autos - need too many to list. Let me know which ones you have.

(5) Limited autos - Need 132 nash, 135 sakic, 136 daystuk , 138 modano
& 158 roy

I am also interested in number autos & emblem autos but am not actively looking to put those sets together.

Thanks in advance for your help with this project! Looking forward to being a little more active on again..... if only I could find where the message section is for PM's. I stopped using it before because I could never find it! and due to sight delays which have hopefully been addressed.
Awesome - one off the list (limited Modano auto) thanks! Keep them coming
Weight jersey received - thanks! Still need quite a few to knock off this project. Keep the Pm's coming!
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