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Full Version: 1996-97 Bowmans Best
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Just scored a box of these on ebay for $135 last night. Had it at $102 the someone bid while I was at the gym, got the message on my phone and got a bit competitive and won it...did I overpay? Is this a fun rip?

Will post scans when it gets here if any are interested. Would consider trade for graded Star MJ Subset cards too...
I think you got a good deal. The cheapest one I see sold for $130 but the average sale is well above that. Yeah let's see some scans when you get it. Interested in the Bryants you pull if you want to trade/need anything from me.
Yeah that's a solid score. They usually go in the $160-$190 range.

I was never a huge fan of the base set design, I like 97-98 bowman's best a lot better; however, the Kobe RC potential drives the 96-97 product way up in value.

There are some nice-looking inserts though, if I could pick a box up that comparably low I'd do it too!
Thanks for the input. Hoping it goes here for Xmas but probably after. Will post scans for sure. I have no Kobe cards oter than the silver embossed I pulled com the 97-98 finest last week. Wouldn't mind a rookie refractor for the collection!
good luck wanna see the hits
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