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Got a $4.99 pack of random basketball cards from Target the other day and found this inside... any idea what it's from? Says its promo card #6 of 6 on tha back... 1 of 25,000

[Image: shaqrc_zpse086a0bf.jpg]

It's a broder card. Unauthorised card printed en-masse -probable fetch about a buck at best.
I've got a similar card, 1/25,000. Was told it's a broder.
What is a broder card? I have seen tons of old promo Shaqs, Never really knew where they came from or what they really were? I like that card though, might not be worth much but definitely cool. Congrats on the pull.
a broder card is a card that is unlicensed - i.e illegally produced by an unknown/unliscenced company.There was a stack of these cards going around in the mid- and early nineties cashing in on the jordan and shaq craze.
I have the other 24,999 if u want
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