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Full Version: 4 Boxes, Old & New
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Broke several boxes recently, here are the highlights....

First, a box of 98 Bowman Chrome CHL...

[Image: Box.jpg]

Next, a pretty good box of 12-13 UD...

[Image: Box_0001.jpg]
[Image: Box_0002.jpg]

Another old box, Collector's Choice 97-98, just one highlight, but it's a good one...

[Image: Box_0005.jpg]

And finally, a box of 12-13 OPC. A lot of the usual inserts, the pop-ups were nice -

[Image: Box_0003.jpg]

And then there was this one, which I though was just a nice-looking card, until I put it in the organizer and saw the BV (which must be a mistake...) - it's card #TL-98....

[Image: Box_0004.jpg]

Anyway, all PC, thanks for looking, comments welcome !!!
OMG!!!!! OPC does it again, what a super hit! Congrats! If you ever want to part with the Wings cartoon card, please keep me in mind. I have some pretty nice PC stuff ($300 BV cards) I'd work with you on.
Seriously insane hits there, Mark!!! That Cartoon is amazing! Huge congrats!

Sweet hit mark. That Octopus in an awesome card and I would have never thought that the BV would be that. OMG, it should definitely land you some very nice PC cards if you decide to trade it.

I was hoping to see a pic of this card! Keith told me you pulled it. I pulled the Sabres logo from my box a while back. This is way cooler!
Nice stamkos and great one
Ur cartoon card is # 6 on the beckett hotlist
Outstanding pull on the Wings Cartoon Logo! (I guess that means you can let the Casey Cizikas go for a lot less to me?) Wink
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