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So a packet arrived in the mail today and I ripped it open expecting to find the Bananagrams game my Mom was so pumped about. That would've been nice of course, but there's something about already knowing what you're going to get that takes a bit of the fun away. What a fine surprise, then, to instead find out this bubble mailer was actually from a Santa of the secretive persuasion. Inside, I found a note from a fellow member warmly expressing well-wishes and appreciation for my involvement on these boards. The cards I found expressed the same:

[Image: SSGiftInserts.jpg]

Other than Frank Gore - who's my favorite RB, but who plays a sport I don't actively collect - I have PCs of every single one of these guys. It was obvious that this person went out of their way to make sure everything included would be of a player I like. It's definitely the thought that counts. Even better though if that thought also includes some serious loot.

On that note, here's what I found under the proverbial tree:

[Image: SSGiftCreme.jpg]

As a result of this bounty, I've got a 2nd 2005-06 FWA to join my Steve Bernier. Yeah, I'd call that an upgrade. Those beautiful and hard-to-get Chiros doubled the size of my collection, adding to the Modo and Weber already in my collection. And partly because I'm a bad Sharks fan who arguably collects Ducks more actively than Sharks, the pair of Against the Glass cards might very well be my favorite of the bunch. Hrm, was Getzlaf an Alternate Captain the last time he put someone into the glass?

As for my Secret Santa, I think I have an idea of who you are but I want to see a few more people open their presents before I hazard a guess. Thanks very much for bringing me all these great gifts, Santa!

Holy smokes! You hit the freaking jackpot with your Secret Santa! Congrats and a huge nod to your Secret Santa!

Wow! Good work Santa!
Love that a player you like but don't collect was included. Nice haul for sure!
Awesome start to the festive season for sure! So many cards to add to the PC and so many nice ones.. definitely agree with those Chiro's as well I have not seen many of those before. Congrats!
Wow nice Secret Santa haul the Alan!!!! That Bobby Ryan Emblem is SWEET!!!! Congrats!!!
Nice additions to the pc. Obiviously your Santa put allot of work into it. Love the Chiro's as well, they just seem to pop out at you and a large area to sign as well. Concrats!!

So this week i think i pulled 20+ envelopes from my mail box. Withing that huge stack of mail was a gift from my secret santa. Santa managed to have a Local address... strange... I have a guess of who santa may have been... whoever he/she is they selected a great card for me to add to my PC
[Image: SSRNH_zps788ab287.jpg]
Awesome! 2011-12 THE CUP Trios. Santa should be happy to known that this was the FIRST Cup RNH in my PC Thank you so much! Although it was only the first for a short time, I opened another Cup RNH addition that same night. But this one also has 2 other young rookies which i also have PC's of Lennart Petrell, and Anton Lander!
Woah, beauty!
(12-22-2012 04:16 PM)wickabee Wrote: [ -> ]Woah, beauty!

That there's a looker alright. If not 3 colors, at least 3 hues...very very nice.
My secret santa was from cambridge ont canada and it made my 5 year old son christmas !!!! he went nuts when he saw the additions to our pc's and to make it better we needed EVERY SINGLE CARD ty secret sanata from mark jr & mark III
[Image: photo.jpg]
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