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I picked up a blaster box of 2012-13 Certified at the local Target. The only non-base cards was an Andy Miele autograph and a Marcel Dionne /250. Not particularly impressed for $30. Don't know if I want to pick up another box of these or not.
That was good compared to others I have seen
Those are always hit or miss, you get one pack of all base, one pack with a numbered insert and one pack with an auto and/or game-used card, but it literally could be anything. My last two Certified blasters were perfect examples, one had a Voracek jersey, the other had a Jeff Skinner jsy/auto RC. I haven't bought any in a while, I prefer to piece it out on eBay, and save tons in the process.
i got "lucky" last year...ended up with a crosby patch but yes i agree its hit or miss (which i guess you can say about anything) but much better than Artifacts blaster which are a waste of money
Yeah they are really hit or miss. I bought a football blaster last night and it was pretty awesome. I bought an Artifacts blaster when it came out and the only non-base card was a rookie numbered to 85 (sapphire maybe? don't remember). So it wasn't that great either.
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