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picked this up off the bay...
[Image: SCAN0760_zps4e700c90.jpg]
Good lookin card!
Great Magic auto card. Dig the look of those cards.
I was gonna get it graded until I saw the top right rear corner has some separation and is lifting up a bit. I didnt see it when I bought it, and of course the seller didnt mention it... Otherwise it would be graded minimun 9.5 maybe even a 10.
wow nice card I like the Magic cards as well...Pretty Decent QB as well
Love the Magic auto! I pulled alot of his autos and stuff and traded them all. I wish I had keep one or two lol hes been doing pretty well
Great card, great player, great team ... but man I wish he had a better looking auto!
Nice card! But man does it suck to be buying his autos now. I havent bought crap of him since everybody jumped on the band wagon.
Very nice love how he beat the Pats on sunday.
Very nice! Magic is my fav product, just ask Doc so of course I like this pickup! Two weeks ago I turned down a Kaepernick as a replacement for my Julio Jones contenders Sad lol, now David from Panini didnt have anymore so im stuck waiting.
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