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Just got back and feel like some making some trades. All should be in my org but in case I missed one just let me know. Last two pics are Ref or numbered versions.
[Image: DSC00450_zps628afd39.jpg][Image: DSC00449_zpsabae29e0.jpg][Image: DSC00448_zps11e54a07.jpg][Image: DSC00447_zpsb7e411d7.jpg]
Welcome back!!!! sent open offer..
Interested in the Panik and maybe the Sale, if you want to check my organize.Thanks
congrats on making it back safe
Welcome back. Open offer sent.
Welcome home!
Welcome home and thank you for your service! Send me an open offer if you like anything.
Welcome back and thank you for your service! Open offer sent for the Almora auto.
Welcome home!!! Shoot me an open offer if you see anything you like.
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