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Some may not be in my org, if thats the case, just shoot over a trade offer letting me know and ill add them. Looking for $50 on the Montero in trade, $40 on the other 1/1, $50 on the Price.

[Image: 1354349302.jpg]
1/1 Bowman Draft Red
[Image: 1354349232.jpg]
Jesus Montero 1/1 Printing Plate
[Image: 1352679585.jpg]
Red Refractor David Price 1/5
[Image: 1351135564.jpg]
Refractor Auto /500
[Image: 1354349118.jpg]
2012 Bowman Draft Austin Aune Refractor Auto
[Image: 1353722449.jpg]
2012 Bowman Blue Wave Red Refractor David Freitas /25
[Image: 1350686026.jpg]
Orange Refractor Beachy /25
[Image: 1350856482.gif]
Michael Antonio Variation SP
[Image: 1328745232.jpg]
2001 Fleer Legacy Bonds 4 Color Patch
[Image: 1337027856.jpg]
1995 SP F/X Clemens

More scans to follow...
[Image: 1353984651.jpg]
2012 Bowman Chrome Chen Green Refractor
[Image: 1354349094.jpg]
2012 Bowman Draft Michael Wacha Auto
[Image: 1354349106.jpg]
2012 Bowman Draft Tyler Naquin Auto
[Image: 1351385541.jpg]
2012 Bowman Chrome Bobby Crocker Auto
[Image: 1350512160.jpg]
2012 Bowman Chrome Cingrani Auto
[Image: 1343331676.jpg]
2012 Bowman Platinum Gold Auto Refractor Dillon Maples
[Image: 1325110807.jpg]
2011 Bowman Draft Blue Auto Refractor Thornburg
[Image: KGrHqFlsE4mnLH61BOVF6WwhjQ48_3.jpg]
2011 Topps Lineage Stand Up Koufax
[Image: 1320307171.jpg]
1997 Donruss Preferred Gold Bonds
[Image: 1332201900.jpg]
2004 Absolute Auto Patch Dontrelle Willis /25
[Image: 1341126133.jpg]
2011 Bowman Platinum Mark Appel Auto
[Image: 1336670437.jpg]
2012 Heritage JFK Story
[Image: 1336491578.jpg]
1995 Select Gold Team Griffey
[Image: 1339359968.jpg]
2001 Upper Deck Game Used Dual Bat Maddux/Randy Johnson
[Image: 1349640448.jpg]
2000 Fleer Autographics Tejada Auto
[Image: 1328847872.jpg]
2004 Skybox LE Delmon young Auto /99
[Image: 1349223606.jpg]
2007 Ultimate Justin Morneau Auto
[Image: 1353984636.jpg]
2010 Bowman Michael Pineda Auto
Like the Wacha
check me for the pineda
Checking both of you now.
Sweet bonds
Interested in Wacha, Naquin, Appel and Pineda. Cheers.
Please check me for the Beachy. Thank you.
Thanks to RR for another great trade with a great trader, the Wacha, Naquin, Pineda, And Appel are gonzo
Open offer sent.
Interested in the Price red, let me now if we can work something out.
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