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Full Version: Santa crazy
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So i went a little crazy buying up cards for Secret Santa and I think it's time i get some cards for myself. All these are for trade plus many more GU's/SP/SN/ and a few auto's in my org. Looking for anything in my banner, but really will trade the higher priced cards for anything of equal value that i'm interested in.
Send a PM, Post on here or send an open trade offer please. Smile

(sorry about crappy scan)
[Image: SCAN0041_zpsf5691287.jpg]
[Image: SCAN0040_zps9b08f1f0.jpg]
[Image: santacards_zps06678e25.jpg]
check my org for something for the "OIL" card
How much would you want for the Devante Smith-Pelly card?
(12-17-2012 10:19 PM)rczubaty Wrote: [ -> ]check my org for something for the "OIL" card

sending offer
(12-17-2012 10:23 PM)Jmaddy2012 Wrote: [ -> ]How much would you want for the Devante Smith-Pelly card?

honestly I'd rather trade it than sell it (it probably wouldn't be worth it to sell it for you, i did not pay a lot for it because it came in with a group and shipping is roughly 4-5 bucks if you're in canada) but if you want, PM me your address if you still want to buy it and i'll see how much shipping is and we'll work something out
Interested in the Hagelin. plmk
I wish i knew that Hagelin was this popular. I would have weighed all my options Wink but its traded away now Sad
nice stuff bro, merry christmas for you!
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