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Ripped another box of Black Diamond with breakfast, and thought it was a bit lackluster at first, but the last couple packs were worth the wait. Here are the cards that didn't really need to be scanned...

Double Diamond base...
Saku Koivu, Milan Lucic (PC), Johan Franzen, Jimmy Howard, Erik Karlsson & Duncan Keith

Triple Diamond base...
Guy Lafleur, Antti Niemi & Ron Francis

Triple Diamond Rookie Gems...
Jeremy Welsh, Brandon Bollig & Robert Mayer

And here are the Black Diamond hits from the box...

[Image: 12-13BDbox2.jpg]

Quad Diamond base - Evgeni Malkin

Quad Diamond Rookie Gems - Jason Zucker

Ruby parallels Phil Kessel and Mike Richards.

Dual jerseys Nikolai Kulemin and Bobby Ryan.

Last Black Diamond pack held the Simon Gagne Championship Rings insert, which was cool, but nowhere near as good as the Ice bonus pack, which saved the break...

Ice base...
Jarome Iginla, Dany Heatley, John Tavares & Daniel Sedin

The rookie card was some kid from the Rangers...

[Image: 12-13Ice-ChrisKreiderRC.jpg]

Chris Kreider Ice RC #96/99

Not a bad hit. Oddly enough, this was the first box since my first box of 10-11 BD that I've saved the bonus pack for the end. First #/99 Ice RC that I've pulled out of the pack too.

Anyway, thanks for looking, and as always, everything here is available for PC or PayPal. I'm thinking that the Kreider is more than likely going up for auction because the only one to sell thus far went for $375, and I could certainly use that kind of PayPal for solid PC stuff.


Just a rant but I hate the bonus packs....they should just have them look like any other pack.

When my LCS opens a box they ALWAYS keep the bonus pack for themselves so i actually don't bother opening single packs for such products...and honestly at the cost of the box i would prefer buying something else in most cases so they aren't going to see my money there either.

The only Black Diamond i have purchased because of all of this was a single blaster box...and i don't intend on purchasing anything else.
you did very well congrats on that gem!

should give you some nice PC hits for it
(12-16-2012 11:55 AM)arock99 Wrote: [ -> ]When my LCS opens a box they ALWAYS keep the bonus pack for themselves so i actually don't bother opening single packs for such products..

that makes me sick to think the LCS would do that... that is up there with a LCS that pack searches before opening up the wax to the customers
Nice championship ring
You have the most insane luck. I am going to just send you money and have you shop for me.
Nice pull. It should net you many cards for your PC.
AWesome stuff! Super interested in the KReider but I don't think I have anything for it. Please check my org though.....just in case.
I put it up on eBay with a BIN of $400, and got an offer for $380 shipped. Needless to say, as soon as I receive payment, that scan's going to disappear.
Damn! hahaha I understand though.
Not too bad
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