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Here are some gu'd for trade. MANY more are in my org. I like to keep my trades at least $20 in BV so keep that in mind before sending an offer. The Daniel Thomas patch looks folded, but the card came that way. I gently tried to straighten it out but its securely in there. Thanks guys

[Image: FTtradeGU_0003_zps99c7935e.jpg]

[Image: FTtradeGU_0004_zps1c6cc3b5.jpg]

[Image: FTtradeGU_0005_zps47b13e74.jpg]

The Warrick Dunn cards are the same I just wanted to show the back of the card since its a nice patch.

[Image: FTtradeGU_0006_zpsa9df6953.jpg]
The Decker Prestige is gone
the AP SPx is gone
Bump it up!
Check me for the Brees, Best, and Foster jerseys.
The rest are still available. Let's trade!
Daniel Thomas patch and Edgerrin/Faulk dual is gone!
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