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So, all of the Five Star stuff is gone, but I have some other new stuff...

Looking for Reds I don't have, as always. Especially right now looking for Sepia & Black refractors from 2012 Chrome, ser# refractors of Reds from 2012 Bowman Draft. But I'll entertain any trade.

Buster Posey Base (63/80) (GONE!):
Ryan Braun Auto (66/150) (GONE!)
Giancarlo Stanton Jumbo Patch (GONE!)
CJ Wilson Patch Auto (29/55) (GONE!)
Chris Sale Silver Auto (74/99) (GONE!)
Shawon Dunston Jr. Gold Ref Auto (/50) (GONE!)

2012 Bowman Chrome Shawon Dunston Jr. Ref Auto (/500):
[Image: 00249zsdunston.jpg]

2012 Bowman Chrome Andrew Chafin Ref Auto (/500):
[Image: 00249zachafin.jpg]

2012 Bowman Chrome Jorge Soler Green Ref:
[Image: 00250soler.jpg]

2012 Bowman Chrome Taylor Siemens Orange Ref (/25):
[Image: 00251siemens.jpg]

2012 Bowman Draft Jeremy Hefner Purple Ice (/10):
[Image: 00252hefner.jpg]

2012 Bowman Draft Tyler Pastornicky Red Ice (/25):
[Image: 00252pastornicky.jpg]

2006 Bowman Draft Quintin Berry Gold Ref (/50):
[Image: 00015aberry.jpg]

2012 Bowman Draft Victor Roache 2012 Gold Ref (/50):
[Image: 00247zcroache.jpg]

2012 Topps Retired Number Patch Mickey Mantle:
[Image: 00479mantle.jpg]

2012 Topps Update Jose Bautista Black (/61):
[Image: 00670bautista.jpg]

Plus, as always, more in the org & bucket...
Please check me for the Braun, thanks
trade sent
Trade sent
Thanks for the trades, folks. Added some bowman scans...
Thanks for more trades. Added a couple of new scans...
so whats left on this thread?.....Posey still available?
(12-17-2012 01:54 PM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]so whats left on this thread?.....Posey still available?

Everything still shown up top is available as of right now, Posey was in a trade that went through yesterday right around when you posted... sorry.
that roache gold is sick!!
(12-18-2012 10:14 AM)kelbysdaddy Wrote: [ -> ]that roache gold is sick!!

Thanks. Brewers may have gotten themselves a bargain at the end of the first round thanks to that broken wrist. Gotta feel for the kid... how much signing bonus did that cost him?
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