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Most fruitful trip to the LCS in a while. All will be for trade when I get them loaded......

Tony Gwynn #'d to 25
Greg Maddux #'d to 31
[Image: 99C133B6-FF96-46C3-A27B-23F54D8FA3D9-128...1CFF29.jpg]

[Image: 28BCFCB8-D068-4CC3-847B-8534047026D2-128...91971B.jpg]

[Image: BCB664D6-4038-430C-9384-6B5688741531-128...79AA87.jpg]
VERY NICE!!! the gwynn is sick and i bet the kemp will be crazy as well.
Nice hits man!! Be interested in the kemp if its for trade. Thanks
Wow! Awesome hits!
Nice Hits. The gwynn is one of the best I have seen.
Nice trip to the shop! Congrats!!!
Very nice pulls indeed!
Looks like a great trip!
Nice gwyne
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