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I know it's a long-shot but I'm gonna try and get DRC to sign my two custom cards I made at the game tonight. what color do you think I should get them signed in?

[Image: IMG_20121213_090823.jpg]
(12-13-2012 09:53 AM)aviat0rshades Wrote: [ -> ]Silver!

that's what I was thinking.
id go dark blue or black personally, since they are lighter colored cards.

silver is a good idear but not if your looking for clarity. ive gotten several things signed in silver thinking it will look awesome, but just never POPS out like black or blue
I think Black on the Cardinals and Silver on the Eagles
What about gold on the Eagles?
Gold is also sweet
I personally love the look of Red sharpie, gold and silver also looks sweet. Good luck tonight hopefully he will sign those sick cards!
Black....maybe purple
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