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Hey everyone....I used to be a mega box breaker, then I had a daughter, and then........well, I think you can see what I'm

Now, I just pick up some cards on the other site occasionally, though it's so addicting and i'm starting to pick it up a little again.....Just thought I'd post some recent pickups I've made, and while it's nothing too outrageous, I like them

[Image: ebay2.jpg]
2010 GG Rookie Orientation Quad JSY Spiller/Mathews/Best/Gerhart; 07 Ultimate Achievements Patch Carson Palmer /99; 1995 Select Certified Certified Future GOLD Curtis Martin RC; 12 Certified FOTG Ronnie Hillman; Stadium Club and Skybox Kobe Bryant RC's; 1998 Revolution Peyton Manning RC; 1998 UD Intensity Michael Jordan; 12 Topps Ronnie Hillman AU RC

[Image: ebay1.jpg]
12 TTT Osweiler 3 GU AU RC /70; 12 Press Pass Osweiler AU RC; 12 Finest Blue Refractor Patch AU RC /99 Osweiler; 11 Precision Vincent Brown JSY AU RC; 11 Sterling Daniel Thomas JSY AU RC; 11 Sterling Ryan Mallett JSY RC

[Image: ebay3.jpg]
08 Jordy Nelson RC's; 12 Platinum Orange Refractor Trent Richardson RC; 12 Topps Chrome Refractor Trent Richardson RC; 12 Tall Boy Matthew Stafford

I know, nothing too special, but it's been a while for me, and i just needed to scratch the itch a
nice pick ups!
Love the Manning Revolution and the Osweiler TTT. That set is growing on me!!
Nice pickups. Like the oversized jersey pieces you got.
Boy, does Stafford look chubby on that Tall Boy. lol
Wow, welcome back and congrats on the daughter! Missed ya
Those Nelson's are nice. Thanks for sharing.
nice pickup
Thanks Wendy! The Triple Threads have been tugging at my wallet on the bay as

Sconnie....nice to hear from you man....and yes, Stafford looks like a QB out of the 1950's or 60's in that

Kelly, thank you for the well wishes! Nice to be back (well, sort of back, lol).....

Thank you everyone else for the kind words.....

I have some other nice pickups coming in over the next week or so, I will be sure to update as they come in periodically.....
Been a little while is an understatement... lol

Congrats on the young lady and very nice additions.
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