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After feeling like I had a bit of a hot hand after my Beliveau last week, I decided to go over my monthly budget and pick up two boxes of Black Diamond 2012-13. Overall very happy again with a couple good hits, nothing like the 1 of 1 last week, but hey not every day can be rainbows and kittens Smile. Here's the break down, sorry for the terrible pics, scanner is broken.

Double Diamonds
Tuuka Rask, Ryan Miller, Rick Nash, Paul Coffey
Patrice Bergeron, Matt Duchene, Marc-Andre Fleury
Jari Kurri, Gilbert Perreault, David Clarkson
Daniel Alfredsson and Anze Kopitar

Trip and Quad Diamonds
Bobby Hull <><><>, Brian Leetch <><><>, Mikka Kiprusoft <><><>,
Mike Gartner <><><>, Ron Francis <><><>, Stan Mikita <><><>,
Bobby Clarke <><><><> and Carey Price <><><><>

The Rookies
Mat Clark <><><>, Andrew Joudrey <><><>, Shawn Hunwick <><><>,
Ryan Garbutt <><><>, Aaron Ness <><><>, Michael Stone <><><>,
Reilly Smith <><><><> and Tyler Cuma <><><><>
[Image: SAM_0305.jpg]

The Jerseys
Brad Marchand, Chris Stewart
Zdeno Chara, Derick Brassard
[Image: SAM_0300.jpg]

The Best of the Rest
Ruby: PA Parenteau /100, Tyler Myers /100 and Brian Leetch /100
Ice Rookies: Reilly Smith /999 and Scott Glennie /999
Gemography: Michal Neuvirth and Carter Ashton
[Image: SAM_0307.jpg]

And the Best of the Best
Lustrous Rookie of Jaden Shwartz and Lustrous Star Sidney Crosby
[Image: SAM_0308.jpg]
Interested in the Neuvy. My org crashed so lmk what you'd need for it if it's FT.
you made out like a champ

i'm looking to build the gemography set, shoot me an offer on those autos!

love to trade for the crosby

lmk what your looking for it

Very nice breaks! You managed to snag some great cards for sure! Congrats!

P.S. You know that you are not allowed to ask for trades when you have nothing available in you Org. and are not trading through the Trade Tool, right? Hopefully you can get that sorted so you don't lose out on anything. Best wishes!


(12-12-2012 10:17 PM)09232003 Wrote: [ -> ]toddhome

love to trade for the crosby

lmk what your looking for it

Sweet crosby
like the crosby
better than a lot of us did lol grats!
Interested in the Schwartz Lustrous. Send me an offer if interested, cheers!
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