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Very disappointed in the results. Got a quad Kreider, a Watkins Emerald Rookie #/10, 4 bum Gemographys....Stapleton, Lapierre, and 2 others I cannot even remember. Believeau Ring, Kopitar-Mitchell-No name Rings, Skinner Lustrous stars, Rynass Lustrous Rookies, Ruby Schwartz and a bunch of other ruby parallels. Standard no name Ice rookies as well. ROI was really bad on this case and no parallel autograph at all. Will not be buying anymore.
Any Cizikas pulled?
Another lockout year bust in the Hobby! Tough go man. I think that I am going to stay away from buying wax this year.

If you got any Mark Stones I'm interested
Bummer bro, I love breaking wax, but hate the result. 9 times out of ten opening a bunch of stuff ends in regret. The last pack rule hits that I've been blessed with over the last couple years don't make up for the times when I rip 9 boxes of whatever and end up with bums. Anyway, hopefully you can move enough to make it worthwhile. Hit me with a list of what you pulled for Ovi and the Bruins, maybe I can take some of it off your hands.
Interested in any Avs RCs (Tyson Barrie and Mike Connolly), especially parallels that you might have pulled.

Sorry to hear thanks for the heads up singles only this year
Tough breaks.

I have never really enjoyed Black Diamond in the past and will stay away this year.
Plmk if you got the Jagr base.

sorry for your break

but at least you got a few alright hits... i seen worst in BD
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