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Hey all, I'm new to Beckett Forums but am relatively active at BO's forums under the same handle. I'm selling all of my prospects to free up some cash for other projects. Everything in my Organize is for sale and has prices marked. Prices are OBO. If you see anything you are interested in, send me a message. I ship free.

Anybody? I'm willing to sell below eBay prices.
I'll take a look and see what you've got.
Nothing showing up as public in your org. Any Max Kepler or Joe Benson cards you're looking to move?
Does anybody know how to fix this?
(12-12-2012 07:47 PM)brockw82 Wrote: [ -> ]Does anybody know how to fix this?

Did you use the sell feature and put a 1 in the sell column?
Thanks, for the help, should be up!
Do you have scans of the Mason Williams Autos?
Yeah they should be attached to the listings
(12-12-2012 08:44 PM)brockw82 Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah they should be attached to the listings

Not sure what that means...can you post in the thread or post a bucket link?
what do you want for the whole lot?
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