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[Image: Scan0008.jpg] Vick and Bowe are /10 and Namath is 10/25.
check me for the Bowe
Sorry did not see anything, you have only 6 cards in your Org.
I dont think I Pm'ed you back bud. lmk what you need on the Marino.
ya im working on getting it updated. what/who are you looking for and i can check and see what i have
what are you looking for in regards to the Namath?
If you still have the namath let me know, happy to either trade or buy.
Wish i had something for the marino or the namthe u can check
Looking for Peterson, Rodgers, Manning in football. Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Shaq or any Legends in Basketball.

TitanAussieFan, I may be interested in the Peterson rookie you have, do you have any Scans?
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