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Funny how they will grade cards without a signature as an autographed card yet my cards that do have an autograph from the manufacturer need to go through JSA first.
On the plus side, at least when you type in the number, it doesn't list the Auto Grade in the read out.
I think its fake. The coloring on the auto sticker is dark, and if you view with the zoom, it appears that the gold auto sticker has a white outline a few pixels off it that could be a poorly meshed photoshop. Plus the blurring seems to different between the 2 labels.
I thought they were signed with invisible ink?
wow so every autograph card now has to go to jsa?
(12-18-2012 01:59 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]wow so every autograph card now has to go to jsa?

No. Only certain ones that might be counterfeit. For the most part, any Certified Auto, BGS will still Grade. Any IP or TTM needs to go to JSA first.
According to the new unofficial rules at BGS a good portion of the 90s era autographs that came from the manufacturer in packs and boxes will need to be sent to JSA to be authenticated before being shipped to BGS for grading.

There is another thread on this very subject in the BGS forum.
Not even sure I should share this story since it happened over 4 years ago. Sent ten cards to bgs .... They lost one, lost my four free vouchers And grades a card a four ( which I demanded they look at again and came back an 8 the second time), and made them reslabb a chrome card that had a huge finger print but not from me on it... Oh, and they did not slab altered cards from a previous order that I sent with this one explaining they were never slabbed and they charged me again and yet again didn't slab them... They ended up correcting situation and gave me a credit for lost card, but jeez!! Anyway, I sent again and no problems, but I am gonna try sgc now for my vintage.
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