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Full Version: My Bloodlines box
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This was a so-so box I was disappointed....
Autos- ebersole,d Johnson, nick Diaz
Auto relic - stout, thiago silva 4/8
Jumbo mat - Nate Diaz
Jumbo relic - benavidez
Relic - Jorgensen, rousey
Patch - faber ( and its a redemption how in the heck can
A man patch be a redemption..... It better be an auto)
I have seen great boxes and meh boxes come out of this stuff so far. I got lucky with mine, Saw someone get 4 pieces of travis browne in their box. Made me wonder what the hell Topps is doing.

The Rousey was a good pull though and so was the Thiago.
Too bad Steve, wish you would have had better luck. This is why I am hesitant about spending so much money for a Hobby Box, never have good luck with them Smile I just ordered me a full set of the Bloodlines inserts and the Fighting Forefathers inserts for about $25 shipped. Looking for a full base set next then I might think about getting a mini box here and there.

That's not a bad break, nick and ronda are hot items right now. I've seen ronda's parallels going on ebay for around 15 to 20 bucks so a ronda relic has to have some good value to it. Also, if you want to trade the nick card I would be interested. I'm starting to list my collection in my organization. Check it out and see if there anything you like if you want to trade.
Forgot to post in the original one these are all for trade or for sale. Definitely not a rousey or a Diaz fan so they are for trade
Message me how much you would sale the Nick Diaz Auto for. Or if you want to trade look at what I got up. I'm still adding more so if there is anything your looking for let me know and I'll see if I have it.
MysteriousD nothing is showing up in your need to mark items for trade.
Sorry about that. Still working on getting everything on. Should be up now.
Nice break. I'm interested in the Diaz
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