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I primarily collect vintage and although I have sent to BGS in the past I was going to give SGC a shot since I have been hearing good things about them with regards to vintage grading. I do not have scans for the cards but here is the list of cards I plan to send. Most of them I would consider to be in atleast VG/EX condition with most in EX (and a few in EX/MT-EX/MT+) I have two 1956 mantles I am sending in but one has a pinhole and the other will probably get a VG. I was planning on having the one with the pinhole just "authenticated" or "A"....but let me know your opinions on that. I asked that question a while ago and everyone told me to get it graded anyway. Well here is the list of cards....
1)1909 T206 Eddie Collins
2) 1933 Goudey chuck Klein, Hack Wilson, Burleigh Grimes
3) 1934 Goudey Arky Vaughan
4) 1938 Goudey Heads up Hank Greenberg, mungo
5) 1934-36 Diamond Stars Frankie Frisch
6) 1940 Playball Cochrane
7) 1949 Bowman Roy Campanella
8) 1949 Bowman Early Wynn
9) 1956 Topps Mickey mantle (2), Ted Williams, Clemente
10) 1957 Topps Clemente, Campanella
11) 1960 Topps Mantle
12) 1961 Topps Yaz
13) 1968 #1 (NL Batting Leaders)
14) 1969 Topps Mantle and Marichal
15) 1968 topps mantle
16) 1959 topps AS mantle
I don't have the list in front of me but I think I have a few more. I will try to post the grades when I get them back after the holidays. I have a gift certificate for SGC and I am getting another as a xmas gift so that's why I am waiting. Let me know your opinions on SGC too....
Definitely looking forward to some scans when they get back! That pinhole MIGHT get the card a condition of Poor. Not 100% on that though. I know if there is even the slightest amount of paper loss with SGC, that's the automatic condition it gets. Regardless, it's still worth getting graded in my opinion.
im a Mantle collector, I like to see what you have and get back.
(12-10-2012 07:08 PM)pawpawdiv9 Wrote: [ -> ]im a Mantle collector, I like to see what you have and get back.

Thanks for the feedback. I may send a few others depending on how much money I have. I guess I will just get the mantle graded. I'll try to provide scans when they cone back but probably won't be for about a month. Thanks again.
Great pre-war list. Good luck on all of them.
Thanks....So I checked out SGC website and there is a special for december so I am gonna send it after christmas and will be post dated before the end of the month. I also decided since I will save some money to send a few more cards and get the mantle with the pinhole graded too...Here is the other cards I am gonna send.
1)1933 goudey pie traynor
2) 1959 topps fence busters (aaron/mathews)
3) 1960 topps aaron
4) 1964 topps maris
5) 1966 topps rose
6) 1966 o-pee-chee rose
7) 1966 o-pee-chee yastrzemski
8) 1967 topps rose
9) 1968 o-pee-chee carew
10) 1956 topps ashburn
11) 1953 topps wilhelm....
I will post scans when I get them back after the new year....
Gonna wait until after the new year to send my cards in to sgc.... I know there is a special right now, but I'm sure there will be another one in a few months... Instead my wife said I could buy another vintage card I had my eye on .. A 1949 leaf dimaggio
Meant 1948 leaf... Typo
If they give you a grade of "A" (authentic) on the Mantle and you want it slabbed anyway, make sure you check the box on the invoice stating that. To me if they are going to grade it they might as well slab it.
So I just got the 1948-49 leaf dimaggio I bought. Let me say it is a really nice card... Bought it from an online auction house who had it listed as trimmed. When I emailed to ask which edges were trimmed the owner of the site said it had appeared to be manual cut from the sheet instead of how they are typically cut... Guess from a machine. He said he did not think it was done with any malicious intent(ie to make it more centered or appear to be in better condition).. And I agree because I measured the card and it is 2 3/8 x 2 7/8 which the leaf cards should be. The only slight evidence I see is the top edge dips down ever so slightly, I mean I can hardly tell at all... And I'm still not sure it dips because it is so little. I am gonna include the card in my sgc order, however.. My question is should I ask it to be authenticated and slabbed right off the bat or see if it can get a numerical grade because as I said I'm not even sure why it was sold as being "trimmed" when I cannot find any evidence of this.... Thank you
I think they will give it a number grade if it is not altered automatically. The will give it an "A" and slab it if you request them to do so.
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