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Took a chance on a box of 2012-13 Panini Classics. No scans, for obvious reasons. This was a spirit crusher...

Pack 1: Scott Mellanby Auto
Pack 2: Paul MacLean Auto
Pack 3: Stephane Matteau Auto
Pack 4: NO AUTO
Pack 5: NO AUTO
Pack 6: Scott Mellanby Auto (you can never have too many of these!)

Wow. Thought I would share this to all those who thought they had a bad day at the could be worse; this could be your box. Support ticket with Panini to follow, cards coming soon to a 99 cent auction near you.
ouch sorry !!!!
Just a garbage product, that's 2 in a row out of the gate in 2012 for Panini. It's already dropped 40 bucks a box here, don't buy it at all costs at 180 they are going to be dumping this soon....
Wow! That is a BRUTAL break! Personally, I would be calling/writing Panini about that one! Hope that you have some better luck soon.

Wow!! Panini came right out and kicked you in the junk! I agree with Randi....once you get your bearings again...Id dfnately either write them or call their customer support line and give them an earful.
Sadly, you're not even the first case I've seen with pulling the same auto twice out of a box......This is the kind of product I would have been all over, but I just had a bug in my ear about how watered down it was going to be. I can't believe they missed 2 autos though!!!
Thanks for the shoulders to cry on guys. I went into it without expecting to pull 6 big-name autos per se, but as I was on the fence already as to collecting cards this season, this crap has nearly pushed me over. No word from Panini on my support request, but their response will determine whether or not I purchase any of their products in the future. Perhaps through my pain and lack of autographs, someone out there will get 8 autos in their box (including two Lemieuxs no less lol). I was just so desperate for something new to break and I come from the generation where these were the star players. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I should have waited to see what you and the rest of the community thought of this product before dropping $200 on it.

If I only save one other individual from making the same mistake, then perhaps some good can come of this after all lol.
Maybe it's just me but when I think "Classics", Scott Mellanby, Paul MacLean & Stephane Matteau do not come to mind. Sorry about the break & you should definitely contact Panini about this.
Sorry a stinker!
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