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I was at the lcs with too much money in my pocket, and saw they got in another case of Americons. With all the batty things you can pull from this I had to give at least one ball a try.

This is just kooky....

I saw this and thought it was some reality TV star I never heard of:

[Image: 121206_0001.jpg]

Then I read the COA and realized what it was! Pulled the ball out and saw all sides:

[Image: 121206_0002.jpg]
[Image: 121206_0003.jpg]
[Image: 121206_0004.jpg]

Here's the COA:

[Image: 121206_0005.jpg]
That's a cool ball, that is still one of my favorite movies. the new movie with Johnny Depp just doesn't compare.
that is very cool!
Just like everyone else, I would be happy to pull that....amazing ball if you ever watched the movie as a kid.
Pretty neat man
SWEET pull
hahaha, they spelled the COA wrong with "TEAVEE"
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