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My girlfriend ordered two boxes of 2012 Bowman Draft for me from BO on Thanksgiving. We've been tracking it since it shipped, mainly me nagging her to check it lol. Well, today the boxes arrived @ 6:30PM, just as I was getting home from work.

Half way through the first box I hit a Top 10 Picks DUAL AUTOGRAPH CARD /25... 1:7192 packs!!!

[Image: IMG_0001-5.jpg]


Then not even half way through the second box I hit a 1/1 Yellow Printing Plate 1:1600 packs!!

[Image: IMG_0002-1.jpg]

Correlle Prime -Rockies- 1/1 Yellow Printing Plate
Tyler Naqiun was the auto in the second box
Holy goodness! I'd say you did amazing for two boxes. Congrats!
Nice hits!! thanks for sharing. seems like a lot of guys are doing well on this product.
Sweet dual auto
Awesome box. The dual auto is a great looking card.
Wow Nice Breaks! I have never ever hit one of those duals so great job there! Also the Naquin is a nice auto to get..
Yeah I was in total shock when I pulled it. It's one of those cards that you always say "never me" and then you pull one and do cartwheels around the house lol.
That dual auto is slick!
Wow! Amazing pulls!
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